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Operating since 1967

Services & Supplies

For any specific questions regarding our services and/or supplies, please feel free to contact us directly at (248) 625-3333. 

Flint & Frizzen Gun Shop can accomodate all of your firearm needs. From custom repair work, part replacement, custom made parts, stocks & rifles, to simple cleanings & scope mountings Bruce McArthur has the experience and tools to assist you in any situation. And if there is that remote chance that he can not, he will provide you with information on how to get the work done somewhere else and for the best price.


  • Black Powder Supplies
  • Ammunition
  • Antique Guns


  • Scope Mounting  - starting @ $35 + Materials
  • Cleaning - $55-$75
  • Recoil Pads - $55 + Materials
  • Sight Work
  • General Barrel, Action & Rifle Work
  • Muzzel Loader Work
  • Handgun Work


  • All Sales of Antique Guns are FINAL
  • Proof of Registration is required for all handgun work
  • 15% Charge on all mailorder guns & ammunitions
  • Payment - Cash or Check ONLY


PGRS-1 Muzzlebrake - Click Here to read a review!

The PGRS-1 brake has been manufactured
since 1985, all PGRS brakes are handmade
by the designer Bruce McArthur.

Made out of 304 stainless steel.
Barrel Thread Diameter:
½ to 7/8 of an inch (American standard or Metric)
(7/8 is special build) Caliber: .223 to .455

On average the brake will reduce recoil
by 60% - 75% (varies caliber)

Base Price = $175
Additional Fees for: 
Mounting (minimum $100) 
7/8 thread 

Parts & Workmanship are guaranteed
except for normal wear & tear

Made for common guns like the M16 & FAL,
and also made for the MAG, Minimi, FN-D,
and BAR, both with or without the bipod bearing.
A two-stage design where the second stage actually
directs the gas at a slight angle to the rear.

John Ross in Machine Gun News July 1992. Article
was titled “Muzzlebrake Discussion & Comparison Test”
Gunsmithing: Rifles;

Patrick Sweeney – page 210-213

Call for further information (248) 625-3333

PGRS-1 Muzzelbrake

8mm FN-D machine gun with PGRS-1 brake

Ruger mini-30 rifle with PGRS-1 brake

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