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Welcome to our website!  Within this site you will find contact information, the history of Flint & Frizzen Gun Shop, a list of services provided, and related links to other useful information.

Flint & Frizzen Gun Shop will be Celebrating it's 40 year anniversary in 2007!

Bruce D. McArthur first opened his doors of Flint & Frizzen Gun Shop in the Fall of 1967.  However, the original store was not in it's current location in Clarkston - the first store was in Keatington Antique Village - which is now know Caterbury Village in Lake Orion.  In 1969 Bruce bought a piece of land in Clarkston and built the gun shop that is there today.  He opened in 1970 and has served the firearm needs of thousands since then.

Bruce first became involved in gunsmithing in the late 1950s when he got a job at Art Lawson's gun shop in Clarkston, MI. After highschool Bruce spent 2 years at Trinidad Junior College in Trinidad, Colorado studying gunsmithing. Later he spent a brief period of time near Miami Florida working for Bud Lawson in his gun shop.  Finally in 1967 Bruce was able to open his own business and after 40 years he has become one of the world's foremost authorities on firearms. 

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